Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Interview with DeAnna Radaj

DeAnna Radaj, owner of Bante Design LLC, can enter a space and help to tweak (or remodel, re-design) the space to work better to suit its function AND the lifestyle of the occupants of the space. Using ILD, life quality can be increased and be supportive to any transitions occurring, lifestyle changes or health challenges.

What was your path towards publication like?
Publishing my first book was tough. I had major writers block and then I was going back and for the between wanting a publisher or wanting to self-publish.
I ended up self-publishing (very happy), but the whole process took almost 2 years. My second book went much faster.

What was the first market you queried and why did you choose that market?
My first market was my workshop attendees and client list as I already knew they liked what I did. I then compiled an “ideal client/reader” summary. Then I found publications that catered to that market/group, and wrote FOR them in mind.

What is your biggest obstacle when it comes to pitching yourself as a writer and what steps have you taken to overcome that obstacle?
I’ve never had a problem “pitching” myself as I was already fairly established as an “expert/go-to person” in my industry. The hardest part, however, is to be in sync with editorial calendars.

Can you tell us a little bit about your latest book?
It’s called Party Like You Mean It

It gives tips on how to incorporate Feng Shui into any of your parties, events, and celebrations! Using the Bagua Board & 9 Life Areas to determine which Life Area corresponds with your party (i.e. a wedding would be Relationship & Life Journey), then the color, shapes, element & menu ideas can be determined!

If you could choose just one thing for your book to accomplish, what would it be?
Get people excited about a new concept that they want to learn EVEN MORE!

What was the best writing-related advice you ever received?

This has been amazing advice from a writing mentor. Just WRITE and then go back and edit. It’s helped my writing in that I’ve given up the “immediate perfection” issues I have; which helps me to write faster and more efficiently.

What’s ahead for your writing?
I’m working on some “booklets” that will be included in a Home Study program I’m working on to be released this Summer as well.

You can learn more about Deanna Radaj at www.deannaradaj.com/blog.html


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